Thursday, August 1, 2013

Washington County Fair- Day Two: Dingoes and Donuts with Auntie

We brought Auntie Rorie to the fair today to pick up where we left off!  The nicest thing about the season pass is that we can head home when we've had enough and start again another day :-)
We waited until the afternoon this time, to catch the Woodbury Sheriff Department's K-9 demonstration.   Very impressive and inspiring to watch.  It's my goal to have our dog work off of hand signals from a distance.  Not necessarily to apprehend bad guys, but we'd like to do some agility work with her as well as therapy work!

Speaking of dogs, we ran into Tikva at the fair today.  Just kidding-- Uncle Willy's dog wasn't here, but we did get to meet a very people-friendly Dingo in an exotic animal petting zoo (and we all agreed she looked JUST like Tikva!).

After that we hunted down some fair food.  Which, YES!, is possible if you're gluten-free, especially when the Crazy Puppy Gourmet Workshop is a food vendor!  I literally stumbled into this truck....(I tripped over a hose---) and in the moment it felt like the most exciting thing that's happened to me all summer!  They had Alex and Justin- approved chocolate mini donuts and Mama-approved spicy gf cheese curds.  The kids tried hard to like the cheese curds, but they were a bit too exotic for their tastes.
 And we sat down to watch our favorite Washington County Fair event-  the Swinetime Pig Races.  I believe "Axel Roast" was the winner of this particular heat.
 Because we are gluten-free, there are some limitations on the 'normal' fair food.  But Alex and Justin discovered that this isn't totally bad.  When some doors close (funnel cake, corn dogs, cheese curds, ice cream cones), others that were formerly locked open (namely, Cotton Candy!). 

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