Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Morning of the Gilded Flicker

(squinting in the sun!)
It's been so HOT (Yeah- I know- It's August in Phoenix- what did I expect?) that we haven't even gotten out to go on any hikes this trip.  Alex and I were determined to make at least one, so we took off at 6:30am (about 92 degrees) for South Mountain. 
We made it about a mile and a half, round-trip, but found many, many treasures in that time: Saguaro bones and a mequite seed pod, and one other very special find--
 Alex was coming down a scree (loose rock) path and suddenly stopped short with a sudden intake of breath.  I froze, thinking she'd spotted a scorpion or (God forbid) a snake in her path.  Instead she bent down and (after kicking it to make sure there was nothing underneath...smart girl!) picked up a beautiful black and white feather with a bright gold shaft!
 Some gorgeous lichen-
 Soft buds on a prickly desert plant.
 When we got back to the house, I did some online research and found that we had found a feather from a Gilded Flicker!  So cool!!

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