Saturday, August 17, 2013

Puppy Pick-Up Day!

**Let me preface this saying that I am exhausted!  The only differences between the first few days home with a puppy and the first few days home with an infant are that a.) I'm not in pain from nursing and b.) babies stay where you put them-- in fact, I began this entry at 10:00am and finished at 7:00pm**
Dave and I dropped the children off at Auntie Carrie and Uncle Sam's house bright and early Saturday morning before heading out to St. Cloud to pick up our new baby girl.  Dave had not yet met Kolachi in person, so it was really fun to see him meet her for the first time!  We also met our trainer, Marilyn Tokach of Pure Spirit at River Rock  (I can't rave ENOUGH about her Twin Cities-based business-- and about her as an individual-- we've worked with her ever since we lived in Prior Lake with a basset hound and two bengals!) .  Since we're a first-time puppy family (Copper came home at 6 years old!), I want to make sure we start it off on the right paw.  
She has the cutest little pouncing run!
 Marilyn and Kolachi get to know each other.
 Kolachi and her brother Koda (he's staying at the breeder's to pursue some titles and potentially be a part of their breeding program).
 Puppy paws!! (I'm kind of obsessed)
 A noisy and somewhat messy car ride home-- good thing St. Cloud is only 1 1/2 hours away.  We only had to stop for a complete kennel clean-out once.  
 Marilyn met us at home to help us successfully introduce our little one to her new home, and check our puppy-proofing.  We taught her how to climb up steps right away!
 So tired from such a big day.  Three accidents in the house, but a successful potty outside!  It's the start of something grand--
 Auntie Carrie and Uncle Sam delivered the kiddos home to a tired and sleepy puppy.  Justin was actually pretty tired and sleepy himself, and the two napped next to each other for a while.
 Alex jumped right in to her role as co dog-trainer.  She is working on staying calm and not running to teach Kolachi that she is a person, not a puppy.  We don't bite people in our house.  GranMama supervises (she was in town to help Auntie Rorie move to her new apartment).
Or cats.  We don't bite kitties, either.  Right, Percy?  (He actually was a lot more 'involved' than I thought he would be-- refusing to give up roaming rights to the main floor).  There's been no hissing or chasing of cats so far.

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