Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pool Party and the Pet Store

Alex had her next-to-last swim lesson this morning, and we snuck Kolachi in before-hours so she could soak up the rays and meet the instructors.  We walked (Alex biked) there-- it's about .5 miles, and she made it halfway before flopping into an immovable pile of fluff.  Luckily I anticipated this, and we loaded her into the wagon.  Unfortunately, I underestimated how hard it is to keep a puppy IN a moving wagon, so I ended up carrying her the last quarter mile.  
 Alex took a HUGE step today and swam the whole length of the swimming pool (with flippers)!  We were so proud of her-- she's really come a long way this summer.
 After the lesson was over, I was faced with a predicament.  I did NOT want to carry a puppy for half a mile.  Justin did NOT want to be in the wagon with his nippy new friend.  So-- we left Alex's bike safely at the pool, and Team Marotz got to work.  Alex pulled, Justin pushed, Kolachi rode and I walked next to her to  keep her safe and give her loads of treats whenever she settled and rode nicely.  We made it the whole way home like this!!  Too much fun!  I promised Alex that Kolachi would someday pay her back when we teach her to pull a wagon herself!
 During Zoo Camp today, Justin and I took Kolachi to an oversized, overstimulating chain pet store.  She was very brave, and earned the privilege of picking out her own toy.  She chose a little stuffing-less fox that she pranced around the store carrying.  Too cute!
 Justin wanted to get a cat perch for Percy.  I appreciated his sentiment, but told him we didn't have anywhere to put it.  He volunteered his bedroom.  Ha!  He just wants it as a jungle gym for himself!
We also got a dog tag engraved for her-- she was very good in the store, and is learning to walk well on a loose leash.  We overstayed by 5 minutes, though, because she did get very agitated and barky while I was trying to engrave the tag.  It was one of those "I knew this was going to happen, yet I didn't trust my gut" things.  Next time, we get in and get out and get on with our lives.  No browsing the cat department!

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