Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Our Way!

Since Daddy is still at his Business School Orientation (see how that's in all caps? :-) , the kids and I took Grandma Mary and Papa Bob up on their offer to come visit them in Arizona.  I know, it's August, but we're really looking forward to a break in our routine!
What's that?  I'm the best Mama in the WORLD because my kids are quiet and wiggle-free on a three hour plane trip?  I don't know HOW that could have happened (*shoving iPods, headphones and massively large and sugary suckers back into my carry-on*)
They actually were delightful travel companions.  In order to save on baggage fees, I only checked one bag.  I put all of their clothing into their own brand new rolling suitcase carry-ons and they looked like little business travelers strolling through the terminals.  It was actually quite easy-  Alex pretty much navigates the whole process on her own! :-)

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