Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mellow...uh...Yellow? Black and Tan?

So we've managed to put all of the dog's...ahem... toys (totally disgusting that she has more toys than many children in this world do) in a dedicated basket.  Partially to keep them from tripping us all of the time, partially to give her a task- as in empty and refill the toy basket.  She's just about as tall as the basket now, so it's quite entertaining to see her get all the toys out-- she uses the "Justin" approach and just knocks it over to get to her favorites at the bottom.

For the most part, everything is going swimmingly!  She's bonding well with the family and is really a calm and mellow soul (with the exceptions of the 9am, noon and 4pm "Puppy Zooms").  In fact, I tried to get her on video exploring her toys, and, while I didn't get the cute puppy antic behavior on record, I think this little clip really shows her temperament.  What a therapy dog she'll be!  (On a related note, she's the FIRST puppy ever to fall asleep in Puppy Kindergarten!  In her defense, we were practicing a "settle down" command.  A+!)

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