Monday, August 5, 2013 your new best friend!

Kolachi is 6 weeks old today!  The kids and I brought Auntie Rorie with us to formally meet her.  We'll bring her home in less than two short weeks and it was SO fun to see the kids interact with her for the first time.
 Hello, there! 
 Kolachi and her sister 'share' a bone.
It bodes well for this dog that she put up with my 'super close-up' photography.  Puppy PAWS!!!
Auntie Rorie got some snuggles in-
Alex was very pleased with how calm Miss Kolachi is!  There was absolutely NO nipping or excited antics-- to give my children their due, they were extrememly calm and well-behaved as well. 
 Our girl--  for better or worse, she is the breeder's favorite, and she's developed quite a bond with her.  It will be a tough first few days away from her birth pack and first human mom, but she has the conformation of a show dog, the temperament of a therapy dog and the intelligence of an agility dog.  We are going to have a LOT of fun with this puppy!

 Justin hung back-- three puppies, although very well behaved and calm, were still a bit intimidating.  He did get a few good pats in, though--

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