Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Day Home

First Day Home-- After a sleepless night (crying puppy until 2:30am, when I finally decided to lay down on the floor next to her and give her some physical reassurance via my hand next to her crate).  We had quite a few visitors today-- GranMama and GranPapa were here,  Auntie Rorie was here for some quick puppy kisses before taking off for her new place and Auntie Carrie came back for some more puppy love ;-)  Not exactly what I had in mind for a quiet coming-home weekend, but everyone was very respectful of our rules and didn't overwhelm our new little one with attention.
 Gentle Justin and his pup get some early-morning bonding in.
Because we had so many people, we decided to crate Kolachi during meal preparation and eating time-- that way she'd not have the opportunity to have a housetraining accident.  She did not agree with that, and protested very loudly.  Justin came up with a solution that allowed him to eat his pancakes in peace.
 Playtime in the yard!

Two gorgeous girls!

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