Friday, August 9, 2013

Day One at the Beach

It's pretty HOT out in August!  We arrived in Rocky Point in time for some lunch and then two excited kids flew down the stairs to the least until the hot, hot, hot sand started to burn their little Minnesotan feet.
 We had plenty of sun protection, but that doesn't help you when you're sweltering!
 Alex got straight to work building a monument to the beach.
 Justin wasn't quite as excited about being outside, but his love of "the big sandbox" trumped his dislike of the weather...for a while at least.
 Justin and I actually took a dip in the warm ocean water to cool down.  It was lovely!

 Later on, when the sun started to set, Alex and I returned with our collecting bag and camera to see what we could discover.
 These little wormy-eely sand snake things. 
 Tidepools with crabs and fish.
 And shells....the most perfect shells in the world!

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