Sunday, August 4, 2013

Amy's Bean Adventure

I am really excited-  I opened up one of our mylar bags of black beans that we got from the LDS Bishop's Storage a few month ago (thanks, Brad!) and made them 'instant food'. 
I love beans, and I loved dried foods, but I never remember to soak those silly things the night before I want them.  Therefore, I end up using canned beans for a lot of my recipes, which I pay anywhere from .68 - 1.00 for in the store, depending on sale prices.
 Enter my vat of dried beans (actually, about 5 lbs)-  it cost us $5.05.  I soaked, rinsed, soaked and then pressure canned 10 pints, 16 half-pints and 34 four-oz jars of black beans.  I did half of them with no added ANYTHING, and then made the rest 'Spicy" (basically I threw a bunch of jalepenos, onions, garlic and Adobo seasoning from Penzy's into them and cooked them a while longer).
 Hooray for frugality and (most of all) easy-to-useness!

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