Thursday, August 22, 2013

Agility, Here We Come!

Since we have to keep these fuzzy little neurons firing and building new bridges, we got out the kids' play tunnel today.  I prepped Alex with the idea that the puppy might be a little frightened of this at first-- we would probably just work on getting her to play near it, and maybe next time try to lure her through.
Justin and Kolachi take turns running the tunnel.
Boy, was I wrong.  First time she saw it, she darted through!  Then, after Justin insisted on demonstrating how to crawl through the tunnel, she did it with a running start and dropped leash-- just like the agility dogs do ( least like how they begin!) 
Alex is certainly coming into her own as a dog handler/trainer.  She takes her job very seriously and is looking forward to being old enough to participate in Four-H with Kolachi in a few years.  She is more confident every day, and is picking up on some tricks to keep a puppy from nipping (and corrects her when she does). 

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