Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Adventure Saturday" aka "Single Parent Saturday"

It's our first official 'business school Saturday', which, to be honest, I've been dreading.  Taking care of the kids on my own during the week is no big deal-- we do our thing, keep to our schedule and go to bed.  On a Saturday?!?  What do I DO with them?  :-) 

So we packed up bright and early and headed out to Carpenter Nature Center for a cool Saturday morning hike.  I say 'cool' because it was in the low 70's (unlike the projected high in the 90's today), so I didn't make a big fuss when Justin insisted on wearing fleece pants and snow boots.  Whatever.
We had a lovely hike down to the river overlook.  Kolachi made it all the way there and back on her own four paws!  What a strong little pup we have :-) 
 Justin got a lift from Sister when his legs got tired.  What a sweet girl I have!



Happy Saturday Adventure to you!  And now to fill the rest of my very long single-parent Saturday... perhaps a trip to the grocery store and lunch out is in order?

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