Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Washington County Fair- Day One: Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons!

It's a good thing that I bought a 'season pass' to the Washington County Fair this year, because we've been three times in the past week!  Day 1 was when we took in a 4-H Horse Show (the kids LOVED watching the riders try to balance an egg on a spoon while riding!) and then hurried towards the exhibit buildings to check out our entries. 
The kids had a great showing this year-- Alexandra won two blue ribbons (for her needlework heart and her acrylic painting), a red ribbon (for her dinosaur drawing), two white ribbons (for her felted picture and her small quilt) and a green ribbon (for her pastel mandala).

Justin won two red ribbons for his acrylic painting and crayon drawing (in 10 and under categories!), and a white ribbon for his watercolor painting. 
He had more fun playing "Spot the Artwork", though.  It was like a real-life Where's Waldo game.

Mama won a few ribbons, too-- two blues (for my dehydrated pineapple and my cherry fruit leather!), a red (for my travel sketch journal....I lost to a blurb-created photo album, so I'm confident that they didn't 'get my vision' ;-) and a white for my banana chips.  This tradition of ours is definitely a highlight of the summer!

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