Sunday, July 7, 2013

Puppy Prep

It's getting closer to puppy time (August 17th is our anticipated 'bring her home' date), and we've been on full-out puppy-prep mode.  This morning we cleared the dog run space.  There are three little spirea bushes and one big lilac that need to go.  I'm not terribly fond of any of them (the purple spirea flowers attract lots of wasps and I'm horribly allergic to lilacs) so it was a fun morning to cut them down.  Next is the hard work of moving gravel and digging up root balls.  The kids have great work ethics, though, and enjoyed every minute of it.
 The dog run space:  We're planning on putting in a door to the back of the garage that will have a passageway for Kolachi to her kennel in the living room.  This way she'll be able to let herself (and perhaps Percy) out to go to the bathroom.

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