Thursday, July 18, 2013

Perfect Park Point morning

It was a foggy (and chilly!!) morning in Duluth-- we headed down to Park Point to play on the beach for a while.  It felt like being in New England!

 Alex had an amazing thing happen-- she is a rock hound-- and has been searching for agates for the past two days.  Today, on this beach, she found a HUGE agate!  Nobody could believe it!  GranMama said that for the past 30+ years, she's been walking these beaches and never stumbled upon such a find!
 Relaxing with GranPapa-  thinking about life....and the construction equipment we passed on the way to the beach.
 Alex raided a fire pit to find some gorgeous charcoal to draw on some driftwood with.  The lines were so black and thick!



 A perfect morning, in my book!

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