Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our 'New Pantry'... OR... which room will your two kids destroy while you organize the pantry?

With this new family member coming home in a matter of weeks, I've begun nesting a bit.  I rearranged the living room and culled the available toy collection last week.  Today, somewhat inspired by all my pretty glass jars with dehydrated food in them, the kids and I organized the pantry.  We made a 'snack shelf' where they can go and select anything in jars to eat when they are feeling peckish (within reason).  It includes all of our dehydrated fruits and an assortment of nuts.
After a scary blog story about a bug infestation in a family's pantry (yuck! and expensive to replace everything!), I've been slowly changing all of our food storage over to glass jars.  Some are mason jars (half gallon ones can be found at Fleet Farm!), some are IKEA finds with rubber stoppers, some are from Goodwill.

Two of our dearest possessions-- Bogs and a Food Dehydrator.  Side by side in complete harmony.
Alex likes to be able to see what she's selecting for a snack- and I like to be able to keep a mental inventory visually!
Just in case you thought I was bragging about the fact that my house is so clean that all I had left to tackle was the pantry.....  for transparency's sake here's the office.  Granted, a lot of that mess was made while Mama organized (they tired of the pantry job after the snack shelf was done), but the base is all me and my husband.  Guess what room I'm going to tackle next?

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