Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life and Death on Balsam Way

How often is it that you get to experience both ends of the circle of life in one day?  We had an extraordinary adventure in life and death today- all within the confines of our property lines!
When we were at Gooseberry Falls, we were lucky enough to cross paths with the "Butterfly Man" who had a display set up in the visitor center.  He was handing out Monarch pupae to all the children.  Alex happily adopted a pair and they survived the perilous drive home to Woodbury. 
This morning, before my run, I noticed that one of the pupae had turned purple- which means there will be a hatching within the day! We kept a close eye on her all morning long-- but while we were waiting for our butterfly to hatch, we found something else that needed examining!
Apparently a mouse died on our front sidewalk while we were vacationing, and our friends the ants were working on polishing his tiny, perfect skeleton. 
Fascinating!  Alex spent a long time observing them, while Justin didn't find it quite interesting enough to hang around.
Soon after, our butterfly decided it was time to begin her struggle to break free of her pupa.  We were lucky enough to get to watch the entire thing!  She fought bravely, and then needed a few hours to let her wings unfurl and dry before we released her into the back yard. 

A day chock-full of learning and experiencing nature. 

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