Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's HOMER!!!

 Hey...wait...that's not a German Shepherd!?!  
Nope-- it's Homer.  The most adorable little 10 week old basset hound puppy ever to place four paws on this Earth.  Seriously.  He lives at Uncle Sam and Auntie Carrie's house (thanks, Mandy for sharing your bundle of joy with us for the afternoon!).  And he's adorable.  Did I mention that?
 Alex and Homer played a lot of 'tag' and 'come and get me' before finally settling down (a bit).  Justin was initially really excited about the idea of a puppy, but got a little overwhelmed by the rambunctious little guy, so he found a good vantage point to observe from.
 Super sweet-- and those EARS!! (the puppy's ...not Carrie or Alex's)
Justin and Uncle Sam strike a pose.  Thanks for the puppy playdate, everyone-- the next time we'll bring our OWN puppy to meet Homer!

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