Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Introducing Kolachi Astrid

It's official-  we have a new family member!  Kolachi Astrid was born on June 23rd, and is currently 3 weeks old.  I visited River Rock Kennels myself to confirm the breeder's selection for us.  "Red Collar Girl", as she was formerly known, will now and forever be our little Kolachi-dog.
 At 3 weeks old, puppies are interacting with each other, and just starting to interact with people.  After some cajoling, I scooped her up and she promptly fell asleep in my arms. 
 Mama Karla watched from the side of the room.  She is a wonderful dog-- friendly and warm and welcoming.  She is also a fantastic Mama, and teaching her little ones all they need to know about life as a German Shepherd.
Zoa picked this pup for us because of her mellow personality and easy-going temperament.  Plans are to get her Therapy Dog certified in a year or so, so we needed a low-key, calm dog to meet our criteria.  However, the red collar is given to the puppy who shows the most intelligence and problem-solving initiative .  She'll need lots of brain games and stimulation to keep her busy!  Good thing I have two little trainers at home ready to work--
                                                                  Good morning, dear!
Mama and Daughter-  you can see Karla is a red & black GSD (as opposed to a tan & black)-  our breeder thinks that Kolachi will be red & black too-- I'm (in theory) impartial as to coat color, but that red is intense and beautiful!
So excited to bring you home in 5 short weeks, Kolachi-girl!  (but don't get any ideas about sitting on couches.....not in MY house!)

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