Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day Celebration!

We were so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends for our Fourth of July celebration.  Dave says it's his favorite holiday because all he has to do is drink beer, grill meat and play with fire.  He's a classy guy. :-)
Here's a bunch of photos from the day- Auntie Carrie, Uncle Sam, Auntie Rorie and her friend Chris were all over to help us enjoy the afternoon.  We went swimming, grilled brats, did some gluten-free baking, hung out and played games until dinner time (more grilling...steaks this time).  Fireworks were set off at approximately 6pm (who wants to wait till it's dark?), followed by homemade vanilla ice cream (with Gluten Free cones!!!), root beer and bedtime was about 7pm.  That's a full day for two kids!

Fireworks time!  Sensitive ears were MUCH more comfortable with headphones on :-)

First ice cream cone in a year or so.... not QUITE the same as a 'normal' one, but it sure was fun to give it a try. The homemade vanilla ice cream was to die for!

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