Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot!

We've had tickets for the 'Faith & Family' St. Paul Saints baseball game for a while now.  Didn't have any clue it would be a very humid and sunny 90 degree day when we got these.  Sheesh!  We had a fun time at the game, but spent a fortune on stadium drinks and cold treats to keep our two very heat-sensitive children somewhat comfortable for the 5 innings we made it through.  I'm surprised nobody threw up from the sheer amount of corn syrup they ingested.  Seriously- snow cones, freeze pops, ice cream, frozen lemonade.... you name it!  Anything to keep that core body temp down.
 The Saints mascot comes out dressed in different costumes every other inning or so.  They made sure she was well-hydrated, too. 
 Alex, Chris and Auntie Rorie.  Look at how red my kids' faces get! Ridiculous!
 Justin, Dave and Mr. Pete-  one of Daddy's friends who joined us for the afternoon!  We parked at Pete's house (a 10 min. walk) and got to hike 'cross-country' to the stadium.  Justin was delighted to get to see a real working train on our walk!

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