Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun at the Farm

GranMama and GranPapa let us tag along to the Farm to visit Great Grandpa Ed, Great Auntie Debbie, Great-Uncle Danny, Zach, Jackie and, most importantly, Aiden and Olivia.  (We missed you, Eddie, but someone has to be the boss man and stay at work....)The older kids had a blast playing with the slip n' slide while the younger ones played with trucks and chased chickens.   

 The Hot Dog truck is still around-- my family brought this little go-cart up to the farm years and years ago after someone won it in a raffle.  Random, right?  Guess what Justin's favorite thing at the farm was?
 Popsicle break!  Even up in Northern Minnesota it was humid and hot!

 The gas pump at the Farm.  My favorite photo subject!  It's just so cool :-)

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