Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fair Entry Day

It's that time of the year again- we've been working on our Washington County Fair entries all year long (although, with Dave out of town, an upcoming Phoenix trip and a new puppy in the future, I did NOT go crazy with entries!)
The kids entered some artwork-  Alex entered Needlework (and the intake ladies remembered her from last year-- they even remembered that she won a big prize-- I don't know if that will work for her or against her :-)  She made her first quilt-  four squares that she's worked on and off on for the past year, and she backed, batted and bound it herself.  I swear her sewing machine is the slowest thing in the world (which, I suppose, is perfect for a 5 year old), but it took FOREVER to stitch it all together.  She persevered, however, and we'll see what her outcome is tomorrow.

She also entered some needle-felting that she did around Christmastime and a sweet felt heart she stitched at school.
Justin didn't quite know what was happening-- he brought his painting and drawings and seemed not to care that he was leaving them behind.  It will be interesting to see what his reaction is tomorrow when they're hanging up!

I entered my travel sketchbook from Everest Base Camp, a few photos and some dehydrated food (shocker, I know!-- I totally geeked out when I saw they had entries in dehydrated foods!).  More to come tomorrow with our adventures at the fair!

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