Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camping with GranMama and GranPapa

Last year we discovered the camper cabins at the Minnesota State Parks, and we've been waiting all year to check out some more!  Instead of going somewhere far away this year, we went about 15 minutes down the road to Afton State Park and stayed at the Big Bluestem cabin for a few nights.  This was perfect because Daddy could join us during the evenings, but still sneak back home to get a good night's rest before work in the morning.  These cabins book pretty far in advance, so we were there during the week, which was lovely as far as seclusion went.
 The key to camping with two small kids is organization.  That's it.
 The cabin bunks are very nice-- we brought our own sheets and quilts this time (and had sleeping bags as back-ups), but it was SO hot that we barely used sheets at night.  We also brought an oscillating fan, which was really appreciated.
 Alex, GranPapa and GranMama played a lot of badminton--  they were all tired and hungry for dinner!
 Dinner Night #1:  free range hot dogs, baked beans and banana boats.

 This is Alex's specialty camp recipe-  I'll write it in her words:
 "Take a banana.  Cut it.  And then mash it and put coconut or butterscotch chips or chocolate chips in it and put it on the stove (grill) for 5 minutes".

 The best thing about Waldorf kindergarten is that I have a dishwashing PROFESSIONAL! (They handwash their dishes after snacktime every day).  Alex was such a big help in the kitchen.
 Outdoor storytime before bed.  By the way-- bedtimes were pushed WAAAY back this evening-- the kids finally went to sleep sometime after 9!

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