Thursday, July 11, 2013

Attacking the Office

After my 'truth-telling' photo of the mess that was the office, I was totally energized to clean and organize it.  Sometimes all it takes is the imagined peer-pressure of a blog audience to whip me into shape! 

We rotated some artwork in and out of the display line.  What a treat to have some new pieces up! 
An overview....complete with cat.  I think he's bemoaning the lack of nesting materials lying about.  Get over it, Percy!

 We decided to contain the crayon situation into a basket.  Who was I kidding with all the crayon boxes, anyway?  This way crayons of every shape and size can live together harmoniously.
My 'me' space-- a sweet little porcelain bird basket and my burlap bulletin board (thanks, Megan!)
 The globe now has a proper home!


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