Monday, July 15, 2013

Afton State Park: Day 2

Camping Day 2:  We started with an early morning hike through a little forest and a gorgeous meadow.  The kids had to stop and check every milkweek plant for caterpillars (but we found none!)

 After our hike was cut short by a potty emergency (lesson learned: always carry extra undies and shorts in the backpack), we rested, drank some coffee that GranPapa got from Panera (yet another perk of camping close to Woodbury) and packed a picnic lunch for our next excursion to the beach.
 J's legs were pretty tired by this point, so he got to ride in the Ergo.  This is one spectacular baby carrier-- from birth to 2 1/2 and still kicking!

GranPapa and Alex meditate on the river.  After our picnic we wandered down to the lovely beach area-- it was hot out, but breezy and shady by the water!!

 We got done playing on the beach and started the long hike back to the cabin.  Justin and GranPapa lead the way.
 Later that evening, Daddy met us back a the campsite for meatballs and salad.

 Followed by gluten-free smores!

And then Alex walked down the camp road to gather water for washing up.  It's photos like this that make me remember why we go camping in the first place-- to get away from it all and have a small taste of how our ancestors lived-- and walked to haul water!

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