Friday, July 26, 2013

A Day of Joyful Overstimulation!

Gramps and Grams are in town, and they treated us to a day at ValleyFair.  Unfortunately, Daddy just left for his two week orientation at he missed out on the fun!
We arrived when the gates opened at 10am, and made it all the way until 5pm!  The kids were much braver than any of us anticipated, and made it on just about all of the Planet Snoopy kids' rides!  Justin's favorite was definitely this airplane.  He begged Sister to take him on it a second time, and she finally agreed!  Happiest moment EVER!
It sure helped to have a cabana to camp out in after lunch-- popcorn and lounge chairs refreshed us all! 

The weather was really strange-- it would be chilly and overcast, rain a bit and then be bright and sunny enough for us to swim a little at the Splash Park before repeating the whole cycle again.  My favorite Justin quote of the whole day was "Why are we DOING this?" right after he'd whoop with joy on a ride.
Thanks for a fantastic day!  We had a great time playing and experiencing many new things!


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