Friday, May 10, 2013

Bon Voyage!

Our preparations are complete-- both for the trek and for at home.  We've left the freezer, pantry and refrigerator stocked.  We've researched Nepal and Everest with the children and have read, read, read about where Mama and Daddy are going to be.  Dave and I wrote twenty two notes (corresponding with our itinerary) to let the kids know what we are doing each day and sealed them into twenty two envelopes as an "Adventure Advent Calendar".  We also have a map that they will move us about on! 
This evening we hosted a "Bon Voyage" backyard BBQ for our family and neighbors-- it was the perfect way to say 'thank you' for their support in this upcoming adventure.

So- for the next 22 days (maybe a few more, depending on how the jet lag sets in)-- there will be no posts.  We will see you in June with some Alex and Justin updates and a few photos from Nepal!  Namaste!

"Here's a branch of Snowy May..."

Here's a branch of Snowy May, a branch the fairies gave me....
who would like to dance today, with a branch the fairies gave me?
Dance Away, Dance Away!
 Grandma "Mimi" (Mary) arrived yesterday afternoon, and was able to come to our May Day maypole dance at school today.  She and Justin even got their own ribbons to dance with!
We're slowly transitioning the children over to her capable hands-- we leave in about three days!
Justin enjoying some of Grandma Mimi's delicious gluten-free cookies!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautiful Children, Beautiful Day!

After coming home from school today, the kids decided to try to nap on the floor.  As you can tell from Justin's cheeks, he was VERY tired.
 A whole lot of giggling (and one complete Mama post-gym shower!) later, they were escorted to their rooms for some proper rest time.  These two definitely have their moments of being cantankerous, but for the most part, they really ARE this sweet with each other.
 After rest, we decided to enjoy the beautiful day and give in allow Percy to explore the backyard on a leash.  Alex was really excited to "take him on a walk".  And then she discovered that cats don't walk.  At all.  Or follow directions.

 He's slowly adjusting to life as a solo kitty.  He's a bit needy (attention-wise), but isn't looking for Huxley.  I noticed him distancing himself from his brother a few weeks ago-- we're giving him lots of love, cuddles and attention.  He doesn't know how much his little world is going to be rocked with the addition of a puppy sister at the end of the summer!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bubble Monsters

 We have very few battery operated toys-- in fact, we have one.  The bubble machine.  It's just so much fun!      We recently even went out a BOUGHT a replacement bubble machine-- I mean, how do fierce sword-wielding Dragons battle Bubble monsters without it?  Normally it stays outside in the deck box, but with the snow still on the ground we brought it down into the playroom for some epic sword-play.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dinosaur Bathroom: COMPLETE!

A few months ago Dave and I asked Alex why she insisted on using our bathroom instead of her own (#firstworldproblems....I know).  She told us that the shower curtain (a heavy, dark brown fancy one from our Prior Lake home) scared her.  I have been known to keep my shower curtains open (just in case...) so I totally understood where she was coming from.  At the same time, a Facebook friend posted about the bathroom redecoration she did to surprise her 2 year old.  His reaction was so great that I suggested Alex be the 'designer' and design a surprise bathroom redo for Justin.  She was sold!

We kicked a few ideas around-- jungle animals, construction equipment, race cars... but after reminding her that SHE would also have to enjoy the bathroom (because, wasn't that the point?) she picked Dinosaurs.  We got to work, scouring pinterest and amazon for the perfect pieces to pull a very special dinosaur bathroom together.

As items came in the mail, we stashed them in the studio.  Then, one day during Justin's naptime, we put everything up.  He was thrilled!  (More importantly, SHE was thrilled as well).  The bathroom has been in use for a month or so, but we were waiting for the 'final touch' to arrive... the vinyl dinosaur track decals.  I've always thought that I was anti-decal, so it took me a while to muster the fortitude to order them from an Etsy seller.  I was wrong.  I can see why they're so popular-- super easy to install, and they look SO professional!
Enjoy the final Dinosaur Bathroom photos:




Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Slipped into the 'Alternate Minnesota' again...

Perhaps this is the "Fringe"-viewer in me speaking, but I feel like we're living in two versions of Minnesota-- one is sunny and warm, in the other dimension (which we slip into randomly, without warning) is snowy and gross. 
Anyway.  We're in 'Alternate Minnesota' today.  Note the winter jackets....and, ahem...the 5 inches of snow we got last night.  Huxley's garden is (hopefully) safe under a 5 gallon bucket and a sheet. 
 Kids got to work bright and early this morning.....before breakfast.

 A bit disheartening that it didn't all melt away.  However, sleigh rides were still being held at 4:30 this afternoon. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!
 "Ding Dong"
 Success!!  No one caught us this year! :-)  Alex is sure it is because her legs are SO much stronger and faster.....