Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today we said goodbye to a dear, dear friend.  Huxley, one of our two cats, who have been with us ever since Dave and I had our first apartment in Uptown right after graduation, crossed over to Heaven on the Rainbow Bridge this morning.
Last Monday, we brought him into the vet-- he had been losing too much weight-- and they found a mass in his stomach.  One week later we made the decision to help him transition to another existence.

Alex was at school and a wonderful neighbor came over to watch Justin while Dave and I brought one of our first two 'babies' into the vet.  It was hard, but his passing was very peaceful-- he fell into a deep sleep, and then death, on the same blanket that Copper died on.  The same blanket my mom made for me when I was a baby.

After telling Alex what had happened, and holding her through her sobs, we decided to plant a garden in memory of Huxley.  The whole family went to the Nursery and picked out plants that 'spoke' to us.
Alex picked out some narcissus, because we saw our first daffodils this morning at school.  Justin wanted an orange flower, and he found some garden mums.  I found the biggest purple anemone, because Huxley was a big, bold spirit. Alex was also attracted to a beautiful purple and white crocus that, upon planting, we discovered was named "Remembrance".

We broke the soil, tilled the ground, planted and prayed. 

We will so miss this wonderful cat-- he was a thinker, a lover, a 'soliloquizer' and a snuggler.  He was the 'Nana Cat' who always slept right by the baby crib, and yowled to let us know that the baby was awake.  He was a perfect gentleman when his needs were met but would wake Dave and me up early with a paw rattling the window blinds above our head if his food dish was empty.  He preferred, to the end, to be in the same room as his people-- and would nestle right under my arm when I slept-- my guardian angel kitty now and forever.

"Huxley Taggart"
9-30-02  -  04-30-13

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sprinkle, Sprinkle!

We were honored to host our dear friend Megan's baby Sprinkle today.  We celebrated the upcoming arrival of Miss Sadie Jo....  we're SO excited for you, Mulders!




 And the girls and the Men-folk played outside ALL afternoon while the Mamas and Aunties celebrated!

Friday, April 26, 2013


And suddenly, it's Spring!  The snow has (almost all) melted, the skies are blue and the sun is shining.  In fact, it was in the 70's today!  We celebrated by going on an 'Adventure Picnic'.  We loaded up the Burley, put on our running shoes, packed a lunch and took off.
Two hours and two sweaty kids later we collapsed into the driveway-- a pile of tired muscles, full 'nature baskets' and utter happiness. 

 "Mama, let's catch frogs!"
 Justin spies something interesting.....turned out to be a spider.  No thanks, Buddy.

It still amazes me that in the suburban neighborhood we live in, it is possible to walk to a wetlands/marsh, several lakes and some woods!  All because we're willing to get outside and explore!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Sprinke Prep...

We are gearing up for a big celebration this Saturday--   Here's a few photos of some prep work for the Baby Sprinkle (not a 'shower', since this is for Baby #2 in the family).  The kids got WAY into it!


Monday, April 22, 2013

8 Inches.

 Seriously?  April 22nd.....  8 inches.  Enjoy the photos whilst I sulk....and fix hot chocolate for what will HOPEFULLY be the last time this season.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

When you get snow....make Maple Syrup!

We made plans to visit an old college friend this weekend at his Sugar Shack (Somerskogen Sugarbush)-- and not only had a great morning, but ALSO discovered an upside to all this crazy winter weather.....  Maple-Syrup Farmers are HAPPY about the freeze-thaw-freeze cycles that have carried far into spring!  The syrup this year is beautiful-- light amber (syrup colors are dependent, in part, upon weather conditions)-- golden and delicious!  Pete wasn't boiling today, but with two little ones, that was probably for the best.  We got a tour of the property, which has changed a LOT from the times that Dave and I spent here in college.  They now have 800 trees connected into a pipeline, which makes collecting a breeze!  The children enjoyed a walk around the property-- accompanied by the Border Terrier greeting crew-- and got to see how their syrup is made, and (more importantly, I think) who makes it!  Thank you, Mr. Pete, for a lovely morning!

 My newest favorite food.  Seriously.  I would eat the entire thing if I could.  It's called "Maple Cream" and it's maple syrup that has been boiled down even further to a peanut-butter/ mallow-type consistency. That's it.  Nothing else added. It is heaven!  (And you can only make it with light amber syrup, so they didn't have any last year!)
As a final note-- if you don't have a local syrup producer, get your order in for some Somerskogen syrup.  They ship Priority Mail and within a few short business days you, too, can have a sweet taste of the Minnesota woods.  (But don't order all the maple cream....I might need to get some more!)