Sunday, March 31, 2013

One More Hunt

The Easter Bunny left one last hidden surprise for the children after we returned from our brunch.  A basket each- filled to the brim with games and toys and ...yes...more candy.  

Church Easter Egg Hunt

***I learned my lesson about experimenting with new camera functions at important events.  I apparently had my snazzy new Sony DSC-RX100 set in 'watercolor mode' for the majority of the really gorgeous stained-glass backed Easter egg hunting shots.  So I'll put a couple on here and you can see--- it looks like a few of them were attacked by Photoshop!! least I got a few fun ones.  It's art, right?***
The Children's Church at GranPapa's Church put on a very involved, multi-room, progressive Egg hunt for the kids!

 Since he did our own egg hunt yesterday, Justin was all over this one!  Alex darted ahead and was too quick for my camera to follow most of the time!

He is Risen!

We were once again so blessed to be able to celebrate Easter at Pastor GranPapa's church!
(Auntie Rorie and I were asked to help with the we were practicing en route!)

He is Risen, Indeed!

Easter Morning Photo Shoot

Easter Morning photo shoot in the front yard!

 Justin found his Auntie Rorie for some morning snuggles.

Easter Morning Storytime

After we all got our Easter Sunday best on, GranMama helped keep kids nice and calm by reading some stories on Easter Morning.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Annual Pants-less Egg Hunt

Well, hopefully not.  The pants-less part, I mean.  It's hard to take 'oh-that's so cute' photos while your son is running around in Angry Bird underwear.  I'm not complaining too much, because he's completely potty trained.  But secretly....all I really want are kids who wear pants indoors.

With that as an intro, please enjoy the egg hunt.  Even though it has been beautiful out, Lady Spring decided to make it rainy today.

 Uncle Willy and Miss Toni (aka...The Easter Bunny helpers)

Coloring our Eggs

Because we did an inside Easter Egg hunt this year, we needed a way to keep the kids in the basement playroom while the Easter Bunny did his work.  Luckily, this coincided with the need to color some eggs.

Easter Bunny Antics

The Easter Bunny spoiled our children tremendously this weekend.  Yes, I said 'weekend'.  Alex built him a little nest in the front of the house and left him a note regarding the scheduling of the egg hunt.  From the time he received that note, he left little bits and treasures for them every time they checked the nest!
(Oh-- and, if you notice a little different photo quality, my personal Easter Bunny husband delivered my Easter present-- a new camera!!)
E.B. delivered, among other things, new water bottles, play clay, African violets, assorted seed packets and some candy.
 The wheatgrass we planted on Wednesday has started to sprout!
GranMama's cat, Gus-Gus, watches the excitement!

Breakfast Train

Breakfast Photography:  Just because my new camera is so fun to play with!

Everything is TRAINS with Justin.  He arranged all of the dining room chairs into a train, complete with a 'dining car' in the middle.  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday with Tikva

Uncle Willy, Miss Toni and Tikva came over to play for a while this evening--  the kids were so happy out in the yard, and when Tikva arrived the day was perfect!  They (Alex especially) adore that happy little dog!

Not so happy that we told her it was time to go to dinner.  We ate outside last night, and she had a grand vision of outside dining for the entire week.