Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fish day

It had been a LONG time since we'd seen Emma and Miss Megan, so we were really happy to meet them at the Mall of America today for a fish-themed day.  We enjoyed sushi at CRAVE and visited the MN Sea Life Aquarium.  Justin was quite the trooper, as we did this all over his regular naptime.

What would YOU taste like in a roll?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's that time again.  Some of our wooden bowls are starting to show signs of being too dry (thanks, Minnesota winters...), so while Justin took an EPIC 3 hour nap, Alex spent a good portion of the afternoon polishing and rehydrating them with our beeswax polish mixture.  Things always shine so when they're newly-polished!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Choo Choo Bob's

Justin has been working so hard on potty-training that he earned a REALLY BIG prize!  He got to take the family to Choo Choo Bob's train store and pick out a new train for his set. 
On the one hand I can believe we haven't been to this store yet (I have a five year old girl who had no prior interest in trains), but on the other, I can't!  It's amazing!  They have electric train tracks all set up and running at the front of the store, tons of merchandise, and eight or nine train tables set up for kids to play with at the back.  Justin was in train-heaven! 
He ended picking out a Brio dump truck with removable cargo.  As a side note, I wish they carried more traditional BRIO trains and less of the character Thomas/Chuggington/etc ones.

Alex had a hard time picking out something that was 1) in her price range ($5 or less) and 2) interesting to her in the least.  She settled on some of those sponges stuffed into capsules which burst open when put into water.  Dave left with dreams of unearthing his old electric train set and playing with it.  They were all happy.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shen Yun

Alex and I were so excited to attend her first professional Theatrical event-  Shen Yun - Classical Chinese Ballet.  It was a perfect first-event for her!  The music was beautiful, the dances were short (7-10 min apiece), and the costumes were absolutely stunning!  She loved every minute (except for the vocal soloists....those she could do without ;-) 

It was a really beautiful performance, with lots and lots of Chinese history and folklore woven in and out.  I found that if I gave Alex a quick synopsis of what each dance was about (which I found in the playbook), she was really happy absorbing it without constant questions.  **Ahem...I wish I could say the same for the 60 year old grandmother behind much during the ballet?!?**

What a fantastic girls' afternoon!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hitting the Streets

We have had a week off school.  Normally this would be a great break, but following our ski vacation, I'm CRAVING some normal scheduling!  After a trip to the library and grocery store this morning and an entire afternoon cooped up inside, we hit the streets.
 When we were gone we missed a big snowstorm/melt/ our driveway looks like an iceberg.  While the kids splashed in an impromptu puddle that appeared, I went to work with the ice chipper, trying to make a dent.  Then I decided splashing would be more fun as well.
 Alex didn't limit her jumping to puddles.... she would climb to the top of our utility box and launch herself off of it into the snow.  Weirdo.

 That ice was slippery!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Last day on the slopes

Lotsa Helmet shots :-) 

Dave and Justin ski, ski, skiing away!  The first day J was game for one run.  The second day he did two.  Day three - five he was requesting multiple runs (and multiple rides on the chair lift).

Brave Alex doing a little ramp/ jump through the trees.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

To the loves of my life:

My husband, who will sacrifice pounding down the chutes on a powder day to ski some blue runs with me :-)

My daughter-- who is a self-confident, strong and beautiful athlete.

My son-- who is such a pleasant and easy-going guy (with such a silly side to him!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Day in the Life of....

A day in the life of two ski bunnies (er.... one ski bunny and one ski badger):



 ....followed by a well-earned treat at the end.  Where is Alex, you might ask?  Still out skiing with Papa Bob!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Justin's Big Day!!

J's first run on Chickadee (the bunny hill).  He wasn't too sure about the idea, but then he saw sister take off and demanded to follow "down hill".  Off he and Daddy went!

Waiting in line for the chairlift.  It's always touch-and-go when a huge metal chair swoops you off your feet, but Justin is such an easy-going guy that it didn't phase him in the least!

Group shot!  Thank you, kind passerby who took pity on us!  I don't think Justin had a big enough cheering section for his first official day on the mountain!
At the end of his exhausting first run....yep-- positive incentives make an experience THAT much more fun!
Where was Alex at the end of the 'Day'?  Oh-- just doing some drills :-)  Over and over again-- we had to pry her off the slopes with the promise of ice cream as well.


I am so incredibly lucky to have these two wonderful kiddos in my life. 
They adore each other. 
Even when 'forced' to sleep in the same bed (note that this was the only night we successfully 'co-slept'.  All other nights it was separate areas for all.... too much giggling, poking and all-around shenanigan-having!)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowbird: Happy Birthday, Papa Bob!

So, technically Friday was Papa Bob's birthday (he got some nice fluffy Utah powder as a present), but we all arrived a little late for celebration.  We postponed until this evening-- Alex and Justin were only too happy to help blow out the candles on the cake! 
This morning we all hit the slopes-- Alex had a day at the Kinderbird camp (where she moved up a level during her first run down the mountain).  Justin stayed in and played with Grandma Mary and his new fleet of construction equipment.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

On Our Way (to Utah!)

Well, we packed up four pairs of skis, four helmets, and about twenty-thousand pairs of woolies, and we took off for our annual Snowbird trip.  This is Alex's fourth year on skis and Justin's first!  We got to the airport early enough to play at the indoor playspace for a while before getting on the plane.  (Note that both children are in their Snowbird apparel.....  Alex said that if they got lost, people would know where to send them!)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Are you joking?

Do you have any idea how much prep work it takes to get a potty-training, gluten-free family of four ready for a week-long ski trip????
 Sheesh!  At least I have a good helper--

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Playdough Boy

 Since potty-training has started, we've been hanging out at home.  Justin has rediscovered his love of playdough!
Potty-training update:  Everything's going really well.  J is wearing 'big guy underpants' the majority of the day (pull-ups for car trips still....) and staying high and dry!  Woo Hoo to the foreseeable diaper-less future!