Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dec 2: Welcome Advent!

"The First Light of Advent is the light of the Stones.
Light that shines through crystals, seashells and bones"

Advent season is upon us!  It seems like Christmas (or at least the commercial Christmas season) has been earlier and earlier-- this year we had several neighbors who had their lights not only up, but ON an entire week before Thanksgiving!  It has been a test of patience not to break out all my Christmas things until December 1st.   Since Justin's birthday is the 7th, we are consciously not putting up too much (no tree, only the felt nativity and a select few Scandinavian decorations--) in order to give him a real 'birthday' before Christmas starts. 

But Advent has begun.  The countdown to Christ's birth, the Light from the Heavens coming to Earth.  The Waldorf Advent verses celebrate the four kingdoms-  mineral, plant, animal and human.  We've been excited to share this candlelight during Winter's darkness.  The kids trade off who gets to light and then blow out the Advent wreath (along with our normal two dinner candles) during our dinner routine.

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