Sunday, December 9, 2012

Julie the Elf- Letter 7

Miss Alexandra and Mr. Justin,

Thank you so much for the fantastic rainbow pudding idea. It was lovely, and will be just the thing to brighten Cyrus' Christmas Day! I might add a sprinkle of honey-covered grubs as a treat!

Your party looked like so much fun! I spent some time with Percy and Huxley when they were in the basement cat room. They were sad they did not get to come to the party, but we had a chat and they said they were quite happy to hang out in their room until the busyness of the party settled down. Percy licked my head again, but Huxley told him he wasn't supposed to do that.

As a 'thank you' for your great pudding idea, I've left you a copy of my map of the North Pole. It is very hard for humans to get here, because it's a magical realm in the middle of the tundra, but if you ever stumble upon it, at least you'll have a map so you can figure out where everything is. I've marked my home and special spots so you can visit me.

Julie the Elf

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