Saturday, December 8, 2012

Julie the Elf- Letter 6


What a great idea! I'm sure Cyrus would love rainbow pudding-- I will have to watch you very carefully when you're making it tomorrow so that I can learn how to do it as well.

It is so exciting that your house is so full of people! What a lucky girl you are (and a lucky boy your brother is) to have so many wonderful family and friends who love you.

My Papa and I will celebrate Christmas AFTER all of the work is done. When the reindeer return from their Christmas flight, we will take care of them-- feed them, water them and rub black pepper and ginger liniment on their tired muscles before tucking them into their stalls. Then we will join the rest of our family and friends for the Christmas celebration. My Nana (my grandma) works in the bakery, and she always saves me the little scraps of gingerbread that aren't used for making houses.

Are you going to make a gingerbread house this year? If you do, please use lots of candy canes-- they are so pretty!

Julie the Elf

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