Thursday, December 6, 2012

Julie the Elf- Letter 4


I do, indeed, have a pet. However, he is not a kitten or a puppy, but a baby hedgehog named Cyrus. I found him outside, shivering in the cold, last February, and asked him to come live with me. He sleeps in a shoebox under my bunkbed. The other girl elves like him because (even though he is not too cuddly), he loves to play games like 'who ate my cookie?' and 'guess who's sleeping under your pillow?'

I also get to help take care of Santa's reindeer. My Papa is the Head Reindeer Trainer at the North Pole, so when I'm not working on Elf Patrol I get to help feed, brush & curry, and exercise the reindeer. I like doing that, but reindeer are sort of smelly, and I have to take a long bath afterwards.

Thank you for writing me letters. I really enjoy taking them back to the North Pole and showing my friends. Today at breakfast I showed my buddy, Billy, and he thought your sleigh drawing was awesome! In fact, he gave me the rest of his honey-almond granola so that he could borrow it to put on his bunkhouse wall. I promise he will take care of it.

Warm Regards,
Julie the Elf

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