Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Julie the Elf- Letter 3

....and another letter was found after school. What can  I say, Julie has been communication-deprived for some time's time for her to have some contact with the outside world.


I received your second request for a sleigh and I passed it on to Santa. Where in the world are you going to keep it?

I heard you tell your Mama that you would like the magic slippers. I will also put in a requisition for those items.

Could you please tell your cat, Percival, to stop licking me every time he sees me. My elf hat is developing a bald spot on the back.

Julie the Elf

It's just too much fun to see Al's reaction to the letters-- she always sits right down to write an immediate response and then spends the rest of the day checking to see if she's received an answer yet.

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