Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Julie the Elf- Letter 2

As I have a feeling this will be a long-running series, I will just title them all 'Julie the Elf'- this note was waiting for Alex at the breakfast table this morning.

Dear Alexandra,

I was thrilled to get your note. You are such a sweet girl, and I am so glad that you love your brother. I will report that to Santa-- it will surely please him as well!

I had a question for you-- I took the liberty of passing your Christmas list on to Santa, and he was wondering if you would like a very special pair of slippers made by his finest cobblers. You see, he has two extra pairs that would fit you and your brother perfectly. The only thing is that they are made with magic Elvish cloth, so you would have to promise to take very good care of them. If you do, they will serve you well and always protect your tender feet from the chilly weather and uneven ground.

Please let me know if that sounds like a good idea!

Julie the Elf

P.S. I saw you walk the Advent Spiral this morning at school. I was very proud that you behaved so well and showed the little kids how to sit and watch respectfully. Please tell Justin that he was a very good boy as well, and that I will let Santa know!

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