Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In the Advent Garden

What an incredible morning!  Justin and I were privileged to be able to attend Alex's third Advent Spiral at Minnesota Waldorf School.  It was amazing to see each one of her classmates walk the spiral in their own way, and to see the love and respect that they have for each other.  Not to mention the love and respect that Alexandra's dear teachers have for each child.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching each and every one of her classmates find their own way to the center candle, light it, and place it in the 'perfect' position.
Alex was so focused on the task at hand this year.  She knew exactly what to do, her footfalls were loud and steady-- she was quite comfortable finding her way to the center- and placed her apple on the very first star she came to.  She can't wait to share her light with the world!
The apples wait before the children arrive. 
The completed Advent Spiral.
And this is why I was able to so enjoy myself this morning.  The perfect storm of an early wake-up (4:30), busy morning with Mama, and a sippy cup of milk in the car met to give me the rare, nay, un-precedented gift of a toddler who napped through a transfer from the car to the classroom, from my arms to a quilt on the floor, and almost all the way through the ceremony.  As he awoke, his sweet voice said "Where is this?" and then he slowly rose to consciousness surrounded by candlelight, lyre music and a reverential mood.  What a great nap!

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