Saturday, December 8, 2012

Goodnight Moon Party!

Alex and I worked very hard to transform our living room into the Great Green Room for Justin's 2nd birthday party.  We have a framed print from my childhood home that served as inspiration for all the details.  It was the perfect party-- intimate (basically family only-- Justin didn't actually have any friends his own age attend) and relaxed.  Some details to enjoy:
The green blanketed bunny bed to the left of the fireplace.  Not my idea.  Alex is a genius!
I covered a few of our existing pictures with drawings from the book.  The cow jumping over the moon, the three little bears sitting on chairs, and the strange fly-fishing rabbit (don't believe me?  take a look).
I found some great Goodnight Moon fabric online and used it for buntings and makeshift tablecloths.  Justin's birthday ring remained as a centerpiece.

The mantle.
 Our 'goody bags' were canvas bags from Michael's.  We stamped a yellow star using fabric paint, and then I handwrote each child's name in fabric pen.  Inside was a homemade lavendar sachet (to help you fall asleep), a clementine, a piece of stick candy, some Goodnight Moon stickers and one of those annyoing blowing party favors....  just for the ride home :-)  The bottom of the quilt rack is where the mittens and socks are hanging.

 Justin's cake was a half-fail.  The cake itself was delicious.  We got it from Bittersweet Bakery, and all of our guests raved about the flavor and texture!  Yummy!  The fail part was in the decoration department.  Apparently our communication got crossed, for when we picked the cake up it literally said "Moon-  Justin- 2".  Luckily Grandma Mary and Uncle Willy performed some icing operations and removed the strange parts.  Next time I'll leave a drawing with my order slip :-)
In the book, the shelves behind the rocking chair are color-blocked books.  Who could resist?  Also, note the toy house (which is hiding the young mouse inside).  In the reflection on the tv, you can see the blue tissue paper and white stars Alex and I glued to the windows to make it 'nighttime'.
 Justin really enjoyed the party.  He wanted to fully experience each gift AS he opened them.  Here he is reading "Dinosaur Dig" (um....could you find a better book Melissa?!?  Dinosaurs AND construction equipment all in one!  Score!!) with GranPapa (who- for the record- surprised EVERYONE by showing up in car pajama pants-- GranMama had no idea he'd be dressing for the occasion).
 A really cool traffic-sign domino set from Miss Megan and Mr. Joel.  This was a favorite!
The menu was completely gluten-free.  We had an assortment of veggies, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers along with a Make Your Own Mush Bar.  I put out a large variety of toppings (savory and sweet), some recipe suggestions.  People loved it!  Even my Mom, who was skeptical and worried that people would just think I was cheap for serving oatmeal at a party ;-)
Goodnight, Mush!
Birthday Boy!
Some of our guests enjoying the kiddie table.  Note the pajama theme!
Uncle Sam and Auntie Carrie brought another perfect gift.  Justin and Sam played with the digger for about a half hour!  Brad brought the bulldozer (great minds apparently think alike) and now I am blessed to have an entire fleet of construction equipment underfoot.
Grandma Mary brought a beautiful quilt for a birthday present!
Happy Birthday to our little Badger!  We love you very much!

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