Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dec 9: Christmas Tree!

Because of the snowstorm (already 10" and counting), Dave and I decided to go straight from Church to the Christmas tree farm.  This meant that the kids didn't get to come with us, but we thought braving the roads by ourselves while Mary watched the children at home was a better idea.  We went to Krueger Tree Farm in Lake Elmo, and think we have found our yearly tradition.  It will be even better with the kiddos next year!  We picked out a Balsam Fir, and brought it home to a very excited couple of little people.  And then the decoration began.  If you remember, our family tradition is to do the Chicken Dance while we decorate.
 Justin wasn't too sure about the Christmas tree in the house.  His eyes were pretty big as he watched us set it up, and he chose to stay fairly far away!
Once the lights came out, however, he was willing to hop right in.
Our living room.  This is the first year we've had the Christmas tree in this room!  It has always been in the office, where the doors could be shut to prevent naughty kitties from destroying it.  We're taking a chance this year because they've been very good for the past two (out of nine) years.  I would much rather have it where we can really enjoy it as a family!
An antique bird from my Grandmother's tree.
My other favorite ornament:  A beaded Maasai star Carrie and I haggled for in Tanzania.
I enjoyed the color-blocked books so much for the party that I kept our Christmas books out that way.  Amazingly, all of our selection are either red or blue.  Who would have guessed?
Straw garland from a little Scandinavian shop in Red Wing.  I'm glad I remembered I bought it this summer-- it was tucked away in my studio for the longest time!

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