Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec 4: Write to Julie

About 20 years ago, give or take, I started writing letters to my brother from "Julie the Elf".  I was probably driving my mother crazy, and she made the suggestion-- or I read a book about an "Elf Patrol" that Santa sent out to monitor children-- I'm not sure, but Julie lasted at least 4 years-- maybe more.  My creative writing talent was farmed out by my mom to my brother's best friend, too, and Julie started writing him Christmas letters as well.

I happened to tell Alex this story the other night, witholding the real identity of Julie, of course, and her eyes got huge!  Why I hadn't thought of doing this for my own children, I'm not sure....  I guess I was afraid that Alex would be freaked out by the thought of an invisible Elf spying on her.  She got kinda weird about the whole "Jesus is always with us" statement at Sunday school a few years back (like, checking behind rocking chairs weird), so I've steered clear of omnipotent/invisible beings ever since.
Anyway-- she slept on it, and this morning asked me why Julie hasn't written her any letters.  I left it with "I wonder....." and she came up with the answer "maybe because I haven't written her any".  Half a bowl of oatmeal later, she had a very nice introductory letter to Julie on the kitchen table--

"Julie-  I love Justin.  Love Alex."  and it had a drawing of a snowman.

I said nothing, but when she got back from school today, she found a note waiting for her.  And now Julie is a part of our Holiday tradition.  As she receives letters from our Elvish friend, I'll make sure to include them on the blog-- for posterity's sake.
staring in disbelief at the letter....which little brother had decorated before Alex saw it...

Dear Alex and Justin,

Hi! My name is Julie the Elf. Thank you for your letter. I really like the snowman drawing-- I will put it up in the bunkhouse where I sleep with my other friends who are on Elf Patrol.

Yes, it is true. I have been assigned your house. I was in charge of watching your Uncle Willy a long time ago, and he was such a nice young man that I asked to be your Elf Patrol representative as well.

If you write me letters, I will write you back!
Thank you for being such nice children-- it makes my job very pleasant!

Julie the Elf

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