Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec 3: Writing Letters to Santa

Alex has been drafting mental 'Santa letters' all year long (when we're in a store and she gets a case of the "I wants" my answer is always, "Put it on your Christmas list").  She was ready to put the pedal to the metal.
 "Don't forget to write 'more cat food'....."
 I'm not really sure how much of this Justin understands, but he fakes it pretty well.  He was able to tell me he wanted a truck, more legos and (after some prompting...because Santa has already bought them....) slippers.
 Alex decided that, besides her other requests, she would like "a live reindeer...... and a sleigh.....oh-- and, of course, I would certainly need a harness!"

Justin's Letter:
 Alex's Letter:
Alex was, as always, practical.  (Remember she asked for a humidifier last year?)  She wants Julie- an American Girl Doll, Slippers, a Bed Heater, a Lamp, real Crutches, a ceiling fan, and livestock plus accoutrements.  Santa will see what he can do about the slippers and lamp.  Not sure what the crutches are about... perhaps she's just stockpiling for future medical emergencies?

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