Friday, November 2, 2012

Writer's Workshop

Because of our extraordinarily busy month, we are just getting around to writing Alex's Birthday thank you's.... so please know, if we owe you one, it will be coming soon!  In order to make this a fun activity, I set up a very special writing 'desk' for Alex.  We lit a candle and she had a barrage of writing materials to choose from, and I was there with a 'spelling' cheat sheet for her (as well as a fancy teacup filled with juice!). 

After doing a dragon drawing (and copying it on the copier/printer!), we got to work.  Because of the number of correspondences, she hand-lettered the greeting and closing, and dictated the body to me.  We actually got through almost all of them (sorry if your greeting looks a bit scribbled, Gramps and Grams....  you get what you get after twelve thank you letters!) before she started getting a bit punchy.
Justin had his own, smaller, station set up, but preferred to eat his last piece of Halloween candy and watch sister instead.

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