Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Pumpkin Fairy

To avoid the post-Halloween candy craziness, we invite the Pumpkin Fairy into our home on Halloween night.  She turns all of our excess candy into something very special.  Alex got to select five pieces of candy to keep (*ahem- for all of you out there thinking she's deprived, she got to eat as much as she wanted tonight*) and then carefully transferred them into our large wooden bowl, which she covered with a playsilk.  We wrote the Pumpkin Fairy a note and left it out.
The Pumpkin Fairy answered our note.... albeit with a special brand of "Uncle-Humor" not seen before... ;-)  Good thing I had to read it aloud to her anyway.
Wondering what's in the packages?  A Renaissance Queen dress!!  For the boy:  a shirt with Penguins in a Boat!!  Totally worth giving up all the candy for :-) 

(For the record....the Pumpkin Fairy gave the candy to Daddy to bring to the office so Mama isn't tempted by it either.  Good Pumpkin Fairy.)

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