Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Still sick..... still unable to really leave the house.  I even kept Alex home from school today because I can't move him w/o having to change his pants over and over and over again.  I let out a cry for "help!" to the Facebook universe (I was really about ready to just turn on a movie for everyone!), and one of Alex's sweet kindergarten teachers suggested I set up a Potions station.  Brilliant! 
Basket (very important, I surmise, for being a "real" potions station), Wooden spoon, bowl, flour (hey, if we can't eat it, why not play with it?), old herbs from the back of the cupboard, water.  Voila! 
 Alex worked here for a solid hour, then came back and forth throughout the day.
Justin even roused from his couch-bed to investigate for a while.

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