Thursday, November 29, 2012

Playtime and Cupcakes

We were able to spend the morning in Shakopee with Emma and Megan.  The kids had a great time playing outside and dismantling the woodpile to construct a school (sorry, Joel....).  Emma has an awesome power wheels car that turned into the school bus and they spend over an hour roleplaying "mama and child", "teacher and student" and "bus driver and student".  Awesome!
After playing with Emma, we headed home, but not before stopping at our new favorite bakery-- Bittersweet Bakery is a completely gluten-free bakery that is, coincidentally, directly on the way home from the Mulder's house.  Our job today was to sample a few cupcakes so we could choose the best flavor for Justin's birthday cake.  The choice was unanimously chocolate cake with white frosting!  Their donut holes are out of this world, and their frosted sugar cookies have a hint of almond flavoring (drool!)  We forgot to buy any bread (probably because we were so amped up on sugar), but will be back soon!

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