Friday, November 16, 2012

Ironing out some kinks...

This is sort of an odd photo for me to post here, but I'm proud of it. 
What?  Why am I proud of a fast food meal at Wendy's?  Because we've recently made a dietary change in our family, and I'm feeling 'kind of' on top of things!

Alex has been having tummy issues.  Justin has been having tummy issues.  Unfortunately their tummy issues are opposite-- I'm going to take the plunge into the perhaps unnecessary- but one kid has chronic constipation, one chronic loose stools.  Something's up.

Remember when we started our Real Food kick this summer?  I upped our whole wheat intake.  By a LOT.  Anytime I had an option, I chose whole wheat noodles, we made everything with whole wheat flour.  My gut feeling is that I overdid it.  Now we're trying to iron out the kinks that I unwittingly put into our lives.  When asked, our pediatrician didn't tell me not to do it.  So I'm taking that as a 'give it a try'.

Last Saturday we decided to begin a Gluten-Free and Reduced-Dairy trial period.  Then we cheated (thanks, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits). So we began again on Sunday.

Thanks to the unbelievable people that God has placed in our lives, I have a lot of support.  I even have one angel neighbor who hunted me down and brought me into her kitchen to give me a run-down of tips and tricks for living Gluten and Dairy-Free (Thank you, thank you, Sarah!).
One of her tips was that Wendy's was do-able!  To 'treat' the kids for a successful first week of 'change' (and because Daddy is travelling for work), we gave it a go.  We brought our own buns and ordered a #3 (yep, that's the huge triple burger).  Split the triple burger into three little ones, topped with extra ketchup and enjoyed a few gluten-friendly fries (our Wendy's has a dedicated fryer)! 


With one week under our belts, one of my little people is getting back on track....the other I'm not sure of, but we'll keep experimenting until we clear up the problem.  While I didn't have any real issues, I'm feeling healthy and clear-headed :-)  Here's to the next few weeks!

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