Friday, November 30, 2012

Downtown Adventures!

Every year Dave's work sponsors a mini-Holiday party downtown.  We schmooze, eat, drink hot cocoa and gear up for the Holidazzle parade.  This year the kids and I made a quick stop at Macy's 8th Floor before-hand.  We caught a delightful puppet play-- seriously really well done (and totally worth the nominal admission fee), and then met up with Daddy to explore "A Day in the Life of an Elf".  Alex didn't really remember this at all from our previous visit, so she was amazed!  It is pretty elaborate!  Justin enjoyed from Daddy's arms. 
He was not too keen on turning his back on the characters for a sibling photo.
Holidazzle was just right-- not too chilly, not too snowy-- the kids were warm and toasty, and (thanks to Mama's forethought) we had thermoses of hot cocoa to sip while we watched the lights.  Justin really liked the electric trains and Elmo (Elmo is on the front of Justin's diapers, so that automatically makes him a star!).  Alex really enjoyed the Wizard of Oz float and, of course, Santa!  I enjoyed the homeless clown who forced a shoddily-made balloon animal into my five year old's hands.  We basically paid him a dollar to go away.  What can I say-- I'm not really a city kid.

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