Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alex's New Craft.....Needle Felting

So.... little kids aren't supposed to be doing needle-felting because of the implicit danger of stabbing a barbed needle into a foam block.  But, as I do most times, I figure that if properly instructed and supervised, Alex can handle it.  She not only handled it, she CREATED!

This was completely her idea.  She remembered a piece I finished a year ago, and said she wanted to make a birthday picture for Justin this way.  I got out my supplies, did a quick tutorial, and let her get to work.
I had her use cookie cutters as templates for her shapes-- this cuts down frustration ('this doesn't look like a tree!') and slows down her fingers so she's not racing around with the needle.  It worked well!
We just used a piece of wool sweater from my crafting stash for the background.
Percival was invited to stay in the basement for the remainder of the felting time.  He kept eating the wool.
Beautiful!  She finished this piece (it's wrapped and ready for J's birthday) and started another, with high hopes of entering her latest creation in the fair next summer.

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