Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wedding Day!

It's the Wedding Day!  Alex started off her Flower Girl experience the right way.... A new casual 'getting ready' navy dress with lots of sparkles AND a bright blue box from Tiffany's.  She received a beautiful sterling chain that matched all the bridesmaid's chains! 
 Then it was off to The Secret Garden-- a wonderful venue where we had the ceremony and reception.  The ladies took over the upstairs of 'the House' and started getting ready!  Alex, Rorie and Grandma Mary arrived soon afterwards.  Did I mention that Auntie Rorie was Al's personal attendant for the day?  How wonderful IS my family!
After Alex's hair was perfectly braided AND curled, Auntie Carrie had one more surprise for her.  She had a handkerchief made (using pieces of lace from Alex's flower girl dress) for Alex to use as her "something old" on her future wedding day  *sob*.

Pink champagne for the bridesmaids, pink lemonade for the flower girl!
Time for makeup!

A family shot-- wish you could see J's knickers fully, but until the professional photos come back this will have to do for little guy shots!
After a beautiful ceremony, with the most serious flower girl in the history of weddings (seriously-- she was so focused on her job!)  The florist accidentally gave us enough flower petals for TWO flower girls, and Al took great care to distribute them evenly down the aisle so Auntie Carrie would know which way to go.  She had a few petals remaining when she reached the altar and 'discreetly' sprinkled them at random times throughout the ceremony :-)   Justin spent the ceremony with GranMama and Auntie Rorie-- apparently doing gymnastic stunts with the folding chairs (thanks for catching him, Alan!)
  Presenting Auntie Carrie and UNCLE Sam!  Hooray!

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